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CommonOffice for CommonSense Solutions CommonOffice for CommonSense Solutions
Benefits to Organization

* Easy to learn and use

* Facilitates real-time access to organizational information

* Improves collaboration and workflow in your organization

* Ability to track and generate reports on expenses, vacations and company events

* Flexibility to hire best talents anywhere in the world


* Reduce IT administrative costs

* Eliminate non-value-added activities

* Purchasing, deploying, operating, and updating applications can be costly in both time and resources

* Affordable software when you need it


* Facilitate controlled access to information with complete security

* Establish accountability with web based workflow standards

* Streamline organization form distribution with advanced form management

Other benefits

* Have all of your information stored in one convenient, easily accessible location

* A very easy and efficient way to book resources. Such as meeting rooms, projectors, laptops, company cars or any other items that need to be shared by the group

* Avoid the costs of purchasing specialized software and the expenses associated with having an employee maintaining and administering that system

* The calendar can be used to schedule private appointments and "things to do"

* The calendar can also be used to book meetings, invite people to the meeting, and even book the required resource such as a boardroom. An e-mail can be sent to each of the participants, notifying them of the meeting

* An automated workflow for booking vacations and tracking vacations. Employees book their vacation, their manager is notified of the request, and given the option to authorize or reject it


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