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"We have worked with CommonOffice for the last 4 years. We feel they have exceeded our expectations with their HR Software. HR software is the most crucial software for your organization. It seems like everyone in your company will be utilizing it. "
Peter Mackenzie at PWC

Payroll Software

Payroll processing is an incredibly important aspect of all companies. That is why it is important to have your systems updated with the correct information so that employees can be paid on time and are kept satisfied. Our payroll system keeps track of all your data, limiting the human error of bookkeeping significantly making your job easier. We eliminated manual payroll processing entirely, and made it easy enough for anyone to use. Our payroll system will officially launch in 3 weeks’ time but has been tested and is currently being used by a few companies. ( coming soon in 3 weeks )

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HRIS Employee Management

The golden source of information for each employee where you can manage all areas below easily, centrally and fully secure.

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Vacation Tracking ...

Manage your employee vacation requests all in one place! Our Vacation Manager software is designed to help you keep track of all employee requests by allowing you to approve or decline with just a click of a button. Free Mobile apps and Free sync with Outlook Calendar
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Recruitment & Talent Management...

Our software allows you to better manage all of your internal and external candidates. Automatically keep track of all resumes and hire the right candidates with the right talents.

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Manage and track employee time through our Timesheet Manager tool where you can manage Time & Attendance, Improve Project Costing, and Optimize client billing for every employee in your organization. All in One Time Tracking: Employee Attendance to Projects & Clients. One system to track time for all employee types in any location. Log time and approve from anywhere in the office or in the field. Integrate with any ERP, Accounting, Project Management, HR or Payroll system

Training Tracking...

Build your workforce the way that will best help your organization thrive. With our Training Tracking Software you can pinpoint key areas of professional development for your employees to align with your corporate goals. Lead a first class team today!

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Performance Management Software

Receive feedback about your work performance from your superiors and your employees with our comprehensive Performance Management software. Keep track of your feedback while having the flexibility of choosing who you want to see feedback from.

Annual performance reviews are too rigid and un-relatable for daily performance. With an integrated approach, ongoing performance management is the best way to drive learning development programs as well as link performance results to variable compensation factors. Empower HR strategy by streamlining reviews, aligning goals, and cultivating a world-class wordkforce

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Build your workforce the way that will best help your organization thrive. Create e-learning with stunningly simple, remarkably powerful authoring software from Articulate

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Resource Booking & Asset Management

This application allows employees of an organization the ability to reserve shared resources such as boardrooms, laptops and company cars. An employee can view the available resources and reserve it for the date and time they require it. This application allows an organization to fully utilize their resources, while eliminating the administrative overhead required.

  • HRIS, the stress free way

    Glide right into the CommonOffice HRIS Suite with no stress to you or your organization. Your current spreadsheet centric process will be left behind in the dust. Goodbye stress, hello calm.

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    An HRIS that won’t break the bank. Your CFO will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you saved the company. Cha-ching!

  • Up and Running in 1 week!

    Yes you read that right. We can get you up and running in 1 week, and adding value to all your HR processes.

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