General Application for Employment in the Anguilla Public Service

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Date of Vacancy 2/1/17
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Opportunities for employment in the Anguilla Public Service


As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, the Anguilla Public Service is embracing the different avenues for reaching potential applicants in a way that they require and deserve.

Do you have the passion and the aptitude for learning in a rapidly evolving and dynamic environment?

The Anguilla Public Service welcomes applications from suitably qualified individuals who are driven and talented and who possess excellent customer service skills and effective interpersonal and communication skills.

The Anguilla Public Service is interested in attracting and attaining the greatest talent with the capabilities to deliver the best public services.

If this is YOU, please click on the 'APPLY' button to complete an application form, upload your cover letter and detailed resume.

Once your application has been received, an electronic response will be sent to you (initially) and if necessary Public Administration will make contact with you regarding any suitable career opportunities.


Thank you for choosing the Anguilla Public Service. 


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